Programming Projects


A static-site generator written in Haskell. This very website is written in Pencil! (GitHub)

Ukulele chord reference. Written in PureScript and Halogen.


A programming language that focuses on type safety with Lisp simplicity. In essence, the typed lambda calculus, with some added features like polymorphic type variables and algebraic data types. Includes a parser, type checker, and interpreter. For educational purposes.

Pong Wars

A spicy twist of a classic game. My first "big" C++ project was a pong clone. Well, this is a clone of that, but written in Haskell.


Boolean satisfiability Haskell library to help you solve those NP-hard problems.

True Cost

Calculates the true cost of your spending. Written in Elm.

Planjure (GitHub)

Path-planning demo running Dijkstra and A*. A study in ClojureScript, Om and core.async.


A demo of the k-means clustering algorithm written in Clojure and Quill.

Curvey (GitHub)

B-spline editor and demo that doesn’t suck (as much).

Iron Tools

Stream live HD video for conferences.


Get a robot from Point A to Point B. Path-planning library in Python.

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